2014    Short feature and article for

Laurie: Director, Editor        Colin: Producer, Camera


2014 & 2013    American Graduate Day on PBS, a seven hour live national broadcast.

Colin: Broadcast Producer


2013    A favorite TED Talk from over 100 that Laurie has edited.

Laurie: Editor, Live Production Consultant


2012    Young farmers practicing sustainable agriculture in the Adirondack Mountains.

Colin: Executive Producer, Post Production Supervisor


2010    Laurie and Colin embedded the family in a skateboard commune for a year.

Laurie: Director, Producer, Editor, Camera      Colin: Producer, Director, Camera


2011    A race car driver uses his track experience to teach science to children.

Colin: Director, Producer, Camera        Laurie: Editor


2010    Cirque’s first program with PBS in over a decade includes The Beatles and Elvis.

Colin: Executive Producer        Laurie: Editor


2009     This fully animated history documentary uncovered new insights into the 1600’s.

Colin: Conception, First Treatment, Executive Producer


2008    Native Americans decided the outcome of the French & Indian War.

Colin: Executive Producer, Script Supervisor, Camera

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