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Below is an informal list of links and resources collated
over the several years researching our film:

BEYOND THE BOTTOM LINE: American Worker Cooperatives

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Our  most used pages with links to hundreds of great resources: National Cooperative Business Association California Center for Cooperative Development University of Wisconsin, Center for Cooperatives A great online & print resource US Federation of Worker Cooperatives Resource rich site dedicated to the latest info and links


A moderated discussion group for those actively working in or actively starting a worker coop:


Individual Coop Home Pages (by no means comprehensive): Union Cab Cooperative, Madison WI. Cab company Bookpeople, Berkeley, CA book distributor, democratic worker owned (doesn’t call itself a coop) Isthmus Engineering Co., Madison, WI Good Vibrations, San Fran. CA, retailer of sex toys, books, videos. 80-100 workers, CONVERTED TO PRIVATE CO! Rainbow Grocery, 250 member worker cooperative (not a ’food coop’, extremely successful, provides working class jobs representing a cross section of SF’s communities. Website administrator/progammers coop, San Fran  Restif Cleaning – a residential and commercial cleaning service in Arcata, CA. Free Trade coffee worker coop that also purchases from and helps found producer coops in source countries. Commercial bakery with natl. distribution, Santa Rosa, CA 80 workers $12 M worker coop Breitenbush Hot Springs, worker owned resort in north central Oregon Missing Link Bicycles, Berkely CA, 25 person, 32 year old bicycle shop, worker coop, $2-3M year Olympia WA software/programming coop, 20 workers, 6 years old Michigan member owned summer camp Oakland, CA small publishing worker cooperative Boston, MA, musician owned orchestra Inkworks, Berkeley, CA printing collective,  28 yrs old Sommerville (Boston) MA based high end bicycle manufacturer, worker coop Chicago based web hosting coop Historic worker coop (Hoedads) now defunct Design Cooperative, Eugene, OR manufacturer of bicycles, bicycle trailers, clothing. NO LONGER A COOP – PRIVATELY OWNED Brattleboro VT, manufacturer of microscope filters for scientific use, democratic hybrid coop/esop, 12 yrs old, 70 workers Bozeman, MT timber frame home maker, great story of sole proprietor selling his business to long standing employees Graphics/design company Pedeller’s Express, worker owned courier company with branches in California, Oregon and NC. Worker owned restaurant & cantina, Athens, OH Market Forge Industries, Boston, MA, democratic ESOP, worker buyout of commercial cooking machinery factory, San Francisco Bay Area network of small coops & support organization, training low income, mostly immigrant women to start & run small businesses. Port Townsend Shipwrights Coop WA, small boat building & repair coop New Seattle Massage, a coop of “self-employed” professionals, a slight twist on typical worker coops. Each member is an independent business entity who shares in collective space, reception staff, facilities, etc. 45 members Amherst MA,  photocopy & printing business, 2 locations, 20-25 workers? Western MA, photovoltaic supplier, Port Townsend, WA propane supply and service company, 20 workers, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, bankrupt orchestra “saved” itself by going entirely worker owned. Martha’s Vineyard Design/Build firm Boston, MA graphic design/print shop  The worlds only unionized worker owned peep show co-op.


Regional Cooperative Organizations Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives Southern Grassroots Economies Project Philadelphia New York City  Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives (Western MA & Southern VT)  Cooperation Texas


Food from the Hood in LA


Home page & articles about Team X/Sweat X cooperative garment business in Los Angeles:


The movement toward cooperative schools (teacher-owned) is spearheaded here: This was the original coop school


Home pages and articles about Cooperative Home Care Associates (probably the biggest 1 member, 1 vote worker coop in the country) :


Canadian Coop Home Pages and Organizations


Coops 101 – An Introduction to Cooperatives

A great list of coop resources in a progressive web-zine

A few Progressive and/or Democratic ESOP home pages (article about Marland) (parent organization for previous,  incubator for worker-owned businesses)


ESOP resource pages


Books and Articles on ESOPs/Buyouts


Some cooperative development consultants (more listed at the NCBA website at long established cooperative development consultants These folks have some great documents regarding creating and maintaining ownership culture Center for Labor & Community Research in Chicago


International Cooperative Organizations:


Some miscellaneous Coop Links:   (This is a boatload of downloadable articles on Coops)    John Curl’s History of Work Cooperation in America   Article on Dawson Textile Coop   Leland Stanford’s Cooperative History   A number of articles on Coops   Rocky Mountain Center for Economic Democracy


Coop Taxation and Subchapter T Articles, etc:


Federation of Southern Cooperatives: (Farm coop serving minority farmers)


Close but not quite a worker owned coop: a natural foods business owned by producers and clients, I think.


Other Resources
Anyone interested in starting their own worker coop should start with these invaluable print references:
“Putting Democracy to Work” by Frank T. Adams and Gary B. Hansen (1992) This is a step-by-step guide that discusses the merits and disadvantages of ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) as well.
“Steps to Starting A Worker Coop” by Gary B. Hansen, E. Kim Coontz, and

Audrey Malan (1997). This summarizes some of the information in the above book, adds additional info and features short case studies.
“We Own It: Starting and Managing Co-ops, Collectives and Employee-Owned Ventures” by Honingsberg, Kamoroff, and Beatty, CPA I have only read the first edition (1982), but there is a subsequent (1991) one available. This is more technical than the above & includes some discussion of state & federal cooperative law as well as tax law pertaining to cooperatives.

 “This Way Out” is a 2 DVD set published in 2012 that offers “Over four hours of workshop-ready subjects” on starting and running a worker coop. We have not reviewed this film.

Most of the above are available through:

“The Coop Catalog”:

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phone: 800-852-4890

fax: 707-838-2220
or via the NCBA website listed above (

“Steps to Starting…” is available through the California Center for Cooperative Development website (

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